Developing the Future Minds

Westfield Nursery has a well-designed curriculum implemented through thematic and integrated learning. Learning is designed at developing a “holistic” learner; providing each child with extended learning opportunities, respecting every student’s individuality as well as creating an understanding for the culture and interests of others.

Thematic & Integrated Learning

Learning is designed with a view to developing “holistic” learners who acquire academic abilities through an age-appropriate curriculum; well-balanced with extended learning opportunities that challenge and provide learners with purposeful heuristic activities. This is supported by appropriate resources that are related to all areas of learning, respecting every student’s individuality as well as creating an understanding of the culture and interests of others. Westfield Nursery also incorporates the Montessori philosophy which addresses all areas of development.

Quality of teaching is driven by our highly qualified early years specialized teachers, who are trained in understanding the children’s specific learning needs; regularly evaluating and recording students’ performances to drive instructions. Our daily plans are shared weekly with the parents of our children to provide a healthy home-school connection.

Developmental Areas

Class time tables cater for all developmental areas and include:

  • Language Development in English and Arabic
  • Expressive Arts and Design Exploring and using media and materials
  • Sensory development

  • Mathematical Development

  • Physical development
  • Engineering and design

Admissions Open 2024-25

Join Us for A Holistic Way of Learning.