Happy Preschool Learning at Westfield Nursery

Dubai Nursery AdmissionsHappy Preschool Learning at WestLearning through play in playground is one of the fundamental principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) in nursery schools. Developed by the British government, this framework provides principles and guidelines for nursery schools in England, including preschool admissions, to ensure high quality care and development in early education and childcare settings. At the heart of early childhood education is the belief that children have the right to quality experiences that will equip them for later life and that learning is most effective when it is fun.

The Magic of Play in Early Childhood Education

The EYFS curriculum for early childhood education, including nursery admissions Dubai, is organized into four interconnected thematic areas: A Unique Child, Positive Relationships, Enabling Environments, and Learning and Development. Each of these thematic areas are programmed into the curriculum, providing children in early childhood education with a range of experiences in a learning environment to develop skills. A combination of adult-led and child-initiated play activities in early childhood education encourage kids to develop skills, responsibility, and curiosity through their own independent exploration at early learning centers. Equally, play activities and experiences in early childhood education encourage cooperation, collaboration, and understanding amongst the kids in early learning centers.

Nurturing Environment for Early Learners

Play in happy learning preschools in early childhood education encourages kids to use all the senses (taste, touch, sight, smell, and hearing) in order to explore and gain greater understanding of the world around them. Through play, kids are given autonomy to make decisions and are supported to question and discover what interests them about their environment.

Making Every Day Awesome at Westfield Nursery!

Westfield Nursery In a nursery school setting, kids learn skills by trial, learning from mistakes and recognizing consequences, as well as taking risks and becoming creative problem solvers. Direct teaching, circle time, and adult-led play activities in nursery school all have their place, but the EYFS prefers kids to take information and explore it on their own terms, promoting education and skills. Through the use of real life, everyday experiences, kids in nursery school learn valuable life skills such as handling money, measuring, and counting.

Unleashing Children’s Potential at Westfield Nursery

Play helps kids develop self-confidence and their own beliefs and values. Through play, kids in nursery school at happy learning nurseries are able to practice language, communication, and the social skills needed for successful relationships while having fun. Through sharing with friends and playing together, kids learn resilience, compromise, and important skills while having fun.

Making Every Day Awesome at Westfield Nursery!

Happy Preschool LearningThe nursery believes that if learning is fun, kids are more inspired and engaged in their educational experience. Play in a nursery provides a context that starts with the child’s individual interests, incorporating their emotions, social, and health needs that they can then explore in a safe environment; an environment that provides the space, time, and resources needed for kids to grow, learn and achieve skills in happy learning nurseries. Ultimately, through play EYFS settings provide children with a solid foundation that develops into skills that they can use a lifetime.

Westfield-Nursery-Dubai-Citywalk2 Westfield Nursery is a purpose-built Nursery located in City Walk in the heart of Dubai! Book your tour today to experience our unique approach to teaching and learning! We believe that the Nursery physical environment has a big impact on children’s learning and play. As a result, we have created and curated different learning spaces for children to explore, challenge themselves, discover, and thrive. Westfield Nursery is part of Atticus Education which operates two schools and two other Nurseries in Dubai. Book a tour today, meet our passionate team, and experience our outstanding approach to teaching and learning! We can’t wait to meet you and your little ones!

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